Explore the Cosmos

Explore the Cosmos” is one of the tools that we have been developing at “Look at the Stars”. It is an exhibition designed to awaken interests in astronomy, solve some of the most common doubts about the universe, and complement other space education projects.

Exhibition Features

The exhibition includes several posters with augmented reality as well as a few additional features.


The posters are the main informative resource of “Explore the Cosmos” and an indispensable component of the exhibition. On the release date, a dozen will be provided, and thereafter, we will have monthly releases as long as the project remains active. Each poster answers one question or presents a new space-related topic (all of them include curricular content). In the posters, the information is exposed clearly and concise through visually-attractive diagrams and images. They can be downloaded for free, so take a look and find out if they are what you were looking for.

Augmented Reality

Although it is not strictly necessary to enjoy the exhibition, augmented reality is probably its most attractive feature. Trough the “NubaloAR” free app, anyone can turn the exhibition into an augmented reality experience by scanning the posters with their phone’s camera. By pointing the camera at any of them, a virtual animation related to the poster appears; this animations may complement some explanation or add an animated touch to the images. Additionally, the corresponding audioguide is played automatically.

3D Figures

3D-printable figures are one of the extras of this exhibition. These figures increase the attractiveness of the exhibition, complement the information presented un the posters, and moreover, they make the exhibition accessible to people with visual and/or audition disabilities.

AstronautLiLi’s Podcast

The second optional complement to this exhibition are AstronautLiLi’s educative podcast. The topic of each poster in the exhibition matches the title of one of these podcasts, so the parents or teachers that wish to do so, may easily extend the information provided in each poster just by looking for the corresponding podcast and clicking the play button.

Teacher’s Dossier

Finally, the exhibition relies on a teacher’s dossier to aid professors. It details the curricular content of each poster and podcast and contains transcription of them as well as clarifying notes.

¿How may I get this exhibition?

“Explorando el Cosmos” is a DIY (do it yourself) exhibition, so yo have to go trough no procedures at all to get it, just begin to assemble it. The twelve initial posters are included in the PDF of the exhibition and the additional posters will be published monthly on this website. Any method on any A-series paper may be used to print them, although laser printing on A3 paper is recommended. The files needed to print the complementary 3D figures as well as the teacher dossier are also available on this website, while the podcasts may be found at Ivoox or at AstronautaLiLi.com and the NubaloAR app at the Google PlayStore.

Print and Hang

Print all the posters and hang them wherever you want. Congratulations, you now have your own space exhibition.

Download "NubaloAR" app

Scan the posters with this app to activate the augmented reality features and the audio guide. If you haven’t print them yet, you might as well scan them on a TV or a computer screen.


Learn and Enjoy

The augmented reality features include audios, videos and 3D animations that will be displayed just by point at the posters. Enjoy them.

Complementary Resources

AstronautLiLi's Podcast

Complete the learning process with AstronautLiLi’s Podcasts.

3D-Printable Figures

Expand your exhibition with 3d-printed figures.