Astro 2” is an app developed by the “Look at the Stars” project. It was developed to spread knowledge about space science and invite people to escape their large cities and enjoy the stars in the night sky. The app offers numberless tools for both amateur and professional users of all ages.

This mobile application is, at the same time, a professional tool to assist in night sky observations and a space science dissemination project.

Some of the featured scientific dissemination tools are:

  • Basic knowledge about the night sky.
  • Identification of observable objects.
  • Immediate notifications of new events.
  • Updated Encyclopedia of planets, moons, asteroids, satellites and other Solar System bodies.
  • Updated Encyclopedia of the latest missions of the European Space Agency, NASA and other space agencies.
  • Educational mini-games.
  • 360º navigation through space scenarios.
  • Access to relevant videos and images.

    Some of the professional features include:

    • Sunset and sunrise hours.
    • Astronomical sunrise and astronomical sunset hours.
    • Moon phase.
    • Moonset and moonrise hours.
    • Meteorological and seeing information.
    • Geographical coordinates and height determination.
    • Polaris position in polar scope.
    • Astronomical events (meteor showers, comets, eclipses, planetary or ISS transits… ) notifications.
    • Characteristics and ephemeris of Solar System bodies and objects from the Messier, Caldwell, NGC and other catalogues.
    • Altitude curves.
    • Satellites identification.
    • Collaboration between users to create events, notifications…

    The app is truly designed for any public: its perfect for professionals because it provides useful and precise information, it is adapted to handicap people, kids love it because of the mini-games that approach science in an amusing way and promote collaboration, and it connects with young people through social media, where you can receive alerts and share your results in the games or other interesting facts such as your age or weigh in other planets.

    1. Instal the app "Astro 2"

    Download it directly from the Google Play Store, its 100% free.


    2. Explore

    Try all the tools included in the app: mini-games, tips, info, ephemeris, notifications...

    3. Enjoy

    Enjoy everything you learn about astronomy, space science and sky observation.

    4. Share

    Share the app with friends and post your high scores or curious facts such as your weight and age on other planets in the social media.